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Flee Branding

Brand Identity Generator

Made by Processing
FLEE is a brand identity generator designed to give flea market vendors the freedom to create their own visual identities and collateral.

The name “FLEE” is inspired by the timelessness of flea markets, encouraging shoppers to escape from the present and travel to different eras.

FLEE’s vintage funky colors and random variations provide a unique playfulness that current flea market identities usually lack. The generator contains six different types of brushes, a clear canvas function, and a save image function. The user can also create with a scatter brush, a sticker brush, and a typing brush in the generator.

Generative Tools

*Documentation Video
*This video presents tool’s introduction, making process, and user tests.

Screenshots from the tool

*Different users’ testing results


*A Frame; Exterior; Tickets; Tote Bag.